Why Choose Us

Corporate clients

How do we help?

We develop a short 5-minute survey. This survey is developed to better understand the core needs and desires of your consumer base.​

We assess basic data from consumers about their everyday desires and current plans. This data provides the basis for us to identify trends and patterns in the consumer market.​

We then provide feedback on market trends, what areas people are looking to receive service, purchase products and how they would like to do this.​

The consumer

How does this help you?

Consumers in Australia have long claimed that the product and service offerings which are offered by large business are becoming further and further from being aligned with what the desires of what you, the consumer, want. By assisting us with a short 5-minute survey, you can help our clients sculpt products which are more aligned to what you want to be offered. While the company we are assisting will never be able to directly market to you as a result of the information you give, they will gain insight into what you and hundreds of thousands of consumers like you want. This means that when you do decide to make a purchasing decision, you are more likely to find an offering which meets your requirements.

What we don't do

Charge clients for our help...ever!

You as the consumer are helping us with your time in conducting market research. We will never charge you for this, and we will never try to sell to you.

Give advice to our customers

As part of our survey process, we will ask some probing questions. We will potentially have a generalised conversation with you at the end of the survey about the answers you gave, and whether based on these answers you believe you are currently being offered the appropriate solutions, products or service in relation to this. However, we will never advise you as to whether these solutions, products and services are correct for you. We simply want to open a dialogue, so you can self-asses.

Refer you to a pushy salesperson

When we start a new research project, our first step is to build a panel of experts. We don’t claim to be the authority in all consumer industries in the world, and therefore we gather a team of specialist’s who we thoroughly vet as to their expertise and processes. By having a panel of experts it means that if as part of the survey process, a need is raised with you where you ask whether we have someone who can help you, we can refer you to services which are not only independent of us but also independent from the company who has hired us to provide research. We believe that the separation of services means that the research is not trained by any sales motivations and that the specialist you speak to is the best there possibly is.

Refer you to a product provider

Unless our market research project is about a specific product class, we will never refer you to a product distribution arm or anyone who will sell you their own product. We prefer our trusted partners and specialist’s to be able to advise you as to the most appropriate solutions from a wide range of offerings.

Share your information

We won’t pass your survey answers, along with any identifying information about you, to anyone, unless specifically requested. This will normally only be when you request our assistance with putting you in contact with a specialist.

How we get paid

At TS Market Research, we are a business, we have overheads, and therefore we need to make money. We are paid in a few ways for providing this service.

Firstly, we are paid by our corporate partners. They pay us to conduct detailed research into their market segment and provide analytics on how they can improve their products, brand or offering to be more in line with what the consumers want. This is our core business.

Where we refer services to the people we speak to as part of our survey and research process, we are often paid by the recipient of the referral. The amount to which TS Market Research is paid depends on several factors depending on the services to which people are being referred.

For our current research project around what Australians find important when it comes to their finances, we are paid a fee of no more than $300 if you take out an insurance policy through our referred provider. For mortgages, we are paid a fee of 0.1% of the amount of the drawn mortgage. We are only paid a fee if the specialist who we refer to is able to assist you in providing a solution with which you are happy. This fee is designed to cover our cost associated with being able to smoothly connect you with their business and build the system integrations to allow us to do so.

We strongly believe that you should not be paying this cost and therefore when there is a cost associated with this we require payment from the business who is offering to help.