Who are our trusted partners?

A panel of experts

When we undergo a new market research and analysis project, we always ensure to build a panel of experts who are independent of us and also independent of the company for whom we are conducting the research. We find, due to the nature of the questions we ask, that often you, the consumer makes a realisation that they are not getting the services which they find important. We believe if we are going to ask questions which make consumers re-evaluate their decisions that we should also have experts who can help you understand what your choices are as a consumer. Enabling you as the consumer to make informed decisions knowing all your options.

How do we choose these partners?

  • Our partners are all vetted before we add them to our list. We take the time investigating different business’ product offerings and services so that you don’t have to. We make sure that they meet our strict criteria and that they honour our pledge to you, the consumer, who has helped us with your valuable time.
  • They don’t charge fees for their time.
  • They are not aligned to/owned by any single brand or provider.
  • They adhere to the strict law and regulations designed to protect consumers.
  • Everything they do will be provided in writing and explained in as much detail as required.
  • All products which they discuss offer no-penalty cancellation ‘cooling off period’ you will be provided details on this if you are to proceed with making any changes.
  • They are paid by the product supplier not our clients and only if they successfully find a solution for the client that the client takes.
  • If they do pay any sort of referral fee, that this is in no way paid by the client, this is paid by the business and is at zero cost to you.