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At TS Market Research, we conduct market research for companies in many different industries about what their consumers find important. We deliver professional consumer research that provides our clients with all the required information to make better decisions and build world-leading products, allowing them to focus on what YOU the consumer wants.

Filling out a survey?

Your information is safe with us!

We don’t provide our clients with any of your personal information, only the data collected from the research about the different market demographics. They won’t be able to market to you, and we won’t send you any marketing or advertising material either.

The only material you will receive from us is information leading you here, to our website, so you can understand who we are, what we do, and familiarise yourself with our privacy agreement. And a possible introduction to a specialist, at your request, if you wish to learn more about the topic of our survey.

Why choose us?

5-minute surveys

All our surveys are short, focussed and to the point

Identify trends

We assess data to identify consumer trends and patterns


Use our market trends to align your products with consumer needs.